Photos of Awards

Awards Courtesy of Marian Collier

Photography by Ani Berberian of

Ani Berberian Photography

The John Swett Award
Certificate of Commendation by the Los Angeles County School Trustees Association
Department of Education California State College, Los Angeles
California Federation of Women’s Clubs, Los Angeles Metropolitan District 17, Los Angeles
Washington Education Association, Seattle – (Better Understanding Award)
Iowa State Education Association, Des Moines – (Honorary Teacher-Of-The-Year)
St. Louis Suburban Teacher’s Association – (Special “TEACH” Award)
Citizenship Committee of the National Education Association, New York City
Niagra Falls Teacher’s Association
Broadcast Pioneers, New York City – (George Foster Peabody Award)


National Association for Better Radio and TV, “for outstanding presentation of dramatic entertainment on network television…brings to the nation’s TV screens a consistently high quality of dramatic fare marked by good writing and acting on serious themes…”
National Education Association, “for distinguished dramatic interpretation of education during the year ended 4-1-64 through a series aired over a national television network.” – (National School Bell Award)