Introduction By Richard Donner

Chuck Harter and Richard Donner

“Making  Mr. Novak was a wonderful period of my life. Our inspired and ingenious producers, E. Jack Neuman and William Froug, created families on screen and on set. To be a part of the Novak family was a great honor and learning experience. I’m so pleased that Chuck Harter is bringing the Mr. Novak experience to a wider audience. After you’ve read his detailed, behind-the-scenes account, I hope you’ll consider yourself part of the Novak family.”

Richard Donner directed seven episodes of the Mr. Novak series. His efforts included such outstanding segments as “X is the Unknown Factor” which was about a student caught cheating; “The Death of a Teacher” which concerned both student’s and faculty’s reactions to a sudden passing of an educator through overwork and “Moonlighting” which explored Mr. Novak’s need to take a second job to pay his Father’s hospital bills.