Foreward By Martin Landau

Author Chuck Harter with Martin Landau

Martin Landau took a great interest in my creating the Mr. Novak book and offered creative suggestions and encouragement.

He wrote the heartfelt and favorable Foreword which greatly touched me with his praise for my efforts.

I last spoke to him about two weeks ago when he called after receiving a promotional postcard for the book.

He was pleased that his endorsement was used on the card and congratulated me on its impending release.

We  were going to meet in a while so I could hand him a copy of the tome.

Alas, that will not happen but my appreciation for him and his kindness  will  never be forgotten.

Chuck Harter – July 17, 2017

“The work that Chuck Harter has been doing over the last several years in researching his book deserves to be rewarded. He is completely focused on bringing Mr. Novak back and to the forefront of our consciousness, because of its excellence, important perspectives and entertainment value. His knowledge and his devotion to both seasons of Mr. Novak, and all the episodes, always strikes me as selfless and impressive, and increases my amazement whenever we speak. That kind of devotion to something worthwhile deserves accolades and as many allies as possible.

“Chuck Harter has produced a superlative book that is both fascinating and informative.

“Long Life to Mr. Novak! and Three Cheers for Chuck Harter!

“Note: This is a sample of the Foreward.  Get the Mr. Novak book to read the entire article by Martin Landau.”

Martin Landau Guest Starred on two excellent episodes of Mr. Novak.  In “Pay the Two Dollars” he portrayed School Attorney Victor Rand who doesn’t wish to fight a case when Mr. Novak is accused by a student of assault. In the prophetic “Enter a Strange Animal” he played aggressive salesman Robert Coolidge who represents the makers of teaching machines which are in fact computers.

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