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From Bart A. Baggett:  The 1960s were a fascinating time in American TV culture.  This book goes behind the scenes.

As a person who was not even born when the Mr. Novak TV series was on the air in a battle of just three networks, I found the detailed research and insightful behind-the-scenes drama very interesting.  Watching the DVD of the first season was also useful and almost comical in the simplicity of the teenage culture brewing in the early 1960s compared to our kids today.  The author has detailed conversations with actors, writers, and even exact financial contract details for the stars and co-stars.  If you were a TV star in the 1960s, you were a household name.  This book is like a time capsule of American television and culture.

48th Five Star Review of Mr. Novak!

5.0 out of 5 starsWonderful book!
Reviewed in the United States on February 23, 2021
Chuck Harter does an absolutely wonderful job in writing this book on “Mr. Novak,” one of the true
groundbreaking series in American television history. Chuck’s passion and knowledge really shine
through, and it’s clear that this project was a true labor of love. The meticulous research that was
done in writing this book is incredible. Anyone with even a passing interest in “Mr. Novak” will love
this book on a variety of levels…great stuff

Walter “Star Trek” Koenig endorsement of New Book on the Mr. Novak Series

How Walter Koenig’s Career on Star Trek Came About

Walter had his first leading role in an episode on the Mr. Novak show. He played a Russian exchange student who came to the American High School.

This excellent performance in part later landed him the game changing role of “Pavel Chekov” on Star Trek.

Walter gave an exclusive interview, wrote the Afterword and provided photos from his personal archive for the new book.

The DVD release next Spring of the first season of Mr. Novak will contain “The Boy without a Country” which features Walter’s great performance as Alexi Dubov.

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Mr. Novak was published on October 15, 2017.

The Mr. Novak series was a landmark in the development of dramatic television. It starred James Franciscus with Dean Jagger and featured cutting-edge scripts, first-class production values and exceptional acting. It was the first
program to portray teachers and students realistically.

This profusely illustrated tome contains:

Comprehensive coverage of the original filming and airdates.

An episode guide with vintage reviews and fresh perspectives.

Interviews with over 35 actors who appeared on the show including:
Walter Koenig, Martin Landau, Beau Bridges, Tony Dow, Ed Asner,
June Lockhart, Sherry Jackson.

Archival interviews with the series’ stars and producers.

A complete list of the many awards the series received, and much more.

Here at last is a complete profile of one of the finest TV series that ever aired.