Afterword By Walter Koenig

Walter Koenig with author Chuck Harter

“Reading this book by Chuck Harter brought back many satisfying memories. You don’t have to have been an actor …just a student to appreciate the skillful way in which he unfolds the stories behind the cameras. If the series is ever reissued, and I’ve heard rumors to that effect, this time should be in your lap. What a perfect way to enjoy the series and, at the same time, reference how it was all put together.”

Walter Koenig Guest Starred in three outstanding episodes of Mr. Novak. In “The Boy without a Country” he portrayed Russian exchange student Alexsei Dubov who has difficulty in adjusting to life at an American High School. This was Koenig’s TV debut as a featured Guest Star and partially contributed to his later getting the role of Ensign Chekov on Star Trek. In “With a Hammer in His Hand, Lord, Lord!” he played student Jim Carsey who witnesses an assault on an aggressive Shop Teacher and is afraid to confess his own involvement.  In “The Firebrand” he portrayed brilliant student Paul Ryder who organizes the students into a demonstration against a school bond issue.  The boy becomes drunk with power which leads to a tragic finale.

See Walter Koenig’s video endorsement of the Mr. Novak book below: