DVD Set of First Season Now Available!

Warner Archives Issues DVD Set!


First Season DVD Set.

The early 1960s were a time with a TV landscape thought of as more innocent than today, but behind the scenes, changes were roiling the nation. Into this fray stepped a groundbreaking series based on true stories from the nation’s high school students and the teachers charged with tending them. James Franciscus stars as John Novak, an idealistic, novice teacher, while storied stage and screen veteran Dean Jagger costars as his mentor, Principal Albert Vane. Constantly challenging the rules of the education establishment, the dedicated young Mr. Novak guides his bright but troubled students while dealing with teen pregnancy, drug abuse, racial conflict and alcoholism – problems as relevant and shocking then as they are today. Notable guest stars include such luminaries as Lillian Gish, Martin Landau, Edward Asner and Beau Bridges. This groundbreaking series also features students from Los Angeles’ Marshall High School. Mr. Novak: The Complete First Season (DVD) is now available, the issue price is $47.99.

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  1. Chuck Harter’s great book produced enough interest that Warner Home Video finally released Season One that Mr. Novak fans across the country have waited over 50 years to relive those days of the over the air broadcasts in the 1960s. Mr Novak buddies have contacted me for the last 15 years to share very poor quality VHS recordings of cable TNT channel broadcast of reruns of award winning TV series last shown in the 1980s. My website still has three missing episodes from Season TWO. This is a plea TO Warner to release Season Two.

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