IT’S OFFICIAL!!! – The first season of Mr. Novak will be released in 2018 in a DVD set by Warner Home Video.

George Feltenstein, Senior VP of Classic Catalog Marketing at Warner Brothers Home Entertainment – 9/7/17

“Your book is excellent and a real labor of love. It is rare to see such a comprehensive examination of a vintage television series. I really liked it and wish you every success.” – George Feltenstein – 9/22/17.

 IT’S OFFICIAL!!! – The first season of Mr. Novak will be released in 2018 in a DVD set by Warner Home Video.  Prints will be struck from the original 35mm camera negatives and will look pristine. No release date yet but might be as early as March or April of 2018. – George Feltenstein.

Mr. Novak Book Now Available at

New Book Explores Acclaimed Television Series

Cover of Mr. Novak book

After two and a half years of preparation, the hardcover edition of this new book on the landmark of dramatic television programming is now available at   Hardcover and softcover editions are also available at the publisher’s website:  CLICK HERE for Hardcover page.  CLICK HERE for Softcover page.

The Mr. Novak TV  series (1963-1965)  starred James Franciscus as teacher John Novak and Dean Jagger as Principal Albert Vane. The show featured cutting-edge scripts, first-class production values and exceptional acting. It was the first program to portray teachers and students realistically. In its two year run the series received over 45 awards for excellence including a Peabody Award.

This profusely illustrated tome contains:

Comprehensive coverage of the original filing and airdates.

An episode guide with vintage reviews and fresh perspectives.

Interviews with over 35 actors including Walter Koenig, Martin Landau,Beau Bridges, Tony Dow, Ed Asner, June Lockhart, Sherry Jackson and more.

Archival interviews with the series’ stars and producers.

A complete list of the many awards the received, and much more.

Here at last is a complete profile of one of the finest TV series that ever aired.

Click Here to view page for a Kindle edition for only $9.95


6 thoughts on “IT’S OFFICIAL!!! – The first season of Mr. Novak will be released in 2018 in a DVD set by Warner Home Video.”

  1. Mr. Harter – this looks like a great book. I saw the show way back in the 1960s and it was an excellent drama that dispensed with silliness. It was very realistic and the writing on the show was excellent. I hope the shows get released on DVD or are made available for download. They are actually an aid to young teachers on how to deal with certain recurring problems faced in educational institutions today. What a slide we have been on. Since the show came out in the 1960s, the L.A. Unified School district has tanked in ratings and sunk way below the State’s average in academic achievements.

    1. Hello Ed, Thanks for the comments. Yes it WAS and still is an excellent drama. One of my goals in writing the book was to convince the powers that be to release the show on two dvd box sets…

      I have found that many people actually became teachers because of the show during its original run. Please let anyone you might feel would be interested about the book’s availability. All the best for all the rest…

  2. The Mr. Novak TV series influenced me greatly as it aired when I was an impressionable teenager. Being able to read Mr. Harter’s book will be a life altering & reminiscent experience. Everyone I know will be hearing about it from me! Thanks so much for telling the story about Mr. Novak in the way it deserves to be told!!

  3. (This review is based on an advanced copy.)

    One of the finest series in the history of the tube was sadly forgotten shortly after its brief run, a victim of rights tie-ups. Mr. Novak was an intelligent show, beautifully crafted, realistically underplayed, often taken from actual problems encountered in actual high schools. Chuck Harter has done yeoman’s work in uncovering the history of the series and the stories of its creators. You will probably not find a question unanswered in these pages. It is richly illustrated, which is a bit unexpected for a show that was dialogue-driven, yet every image tells, and every image belongs. Hats off for a major work of investigation and for a tome of loving research.

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